• Equipment Performance Monitoring: Identify equipment malfunctions earlier and schedule maintenance before a breakdown occurs. Our performance sensors are ideal for monitoring industrial HVAC systems including boilers, chillers and air handlers.
  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring: Identify areas where insulation or ventilation need to be enhanced. Our measure air inlets, air outlets, ducts, heat exchangers and water tanks to ensure that the temperature and humidity levels are within the optimal range.
  • Pressure Monitoring: Our measure inside ducts, pipes, and circuit lines to help monitor and manage the circulation of air, water, and oil, as well as differential pressure for industrial HVAC applications.
  • Level Monitoring:  Ensure the safety of your personnel and industrial HVAC system. Float switches let you measure and control fluid levels in boilers and engines.
  • Flow Monitoring: Incorporate flow meters, switches, and sensors into industrial HVAC air handling unit fans to understand airflow distribution inside air ducts, which will indicate unit efficiency and allow you to optimize air velocity and distribution.



Jadler is a Tier 1 Distributor of Dwyer Instruments across Western Canada. We represent select Dwyer HVAC instruments to monitor temperature, humidity, airflow, and differential pressure on either side of the filters. Whether you are looking for a specific product or advice on selecting the best product for your unique HVAC system requirements, Jadler’s experienced team of application specialists can assist you in selecting instruments to ensure optimal operation of HVAC systems. Find out how partnering with Jadler and Dwyer delivers better air quality, greater sustainability, and cost savings. Contact us or request a quote today.

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