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Metering liquids or fluids can require a relatively simple or more advanced solution, depending on the fluid type and operating parameters. As an authorized distributor, Jadler carries a wide selection of flow meters to accurately measure different fluid types in industrial or food processing applications. Water, viscous fluids, thick emulsions, chemicals, slurries and oils…whatever your challenge, Jadler will advise you on the metering solution that will best meet your needs for accuracy, durability and functionality.


The style of meter will largely depend on the type of fluid that is being measured. We will consider all factors (from line diameter to pressure to temperature to flow rate) before providing the most suitable recommendation(s).

Jadler can also provide guidance and recommendations around integrating flow meters into systems involving proportional injection of other liquids using an I/O controller. This could include chemicals, nutrients or other ingredients. Having the right system allows for the easy control and adjustment of control pumps, valves or other process equipment.

  • Inline full bore magmeters
  • Insertion magmeter (hot top available)
  • Insertion paddlewheel meter (hot top available)
  • Coriolis mass flow meters
  • Coriolis mass flow meters
  • Low flow meters
  • Turbine meters
  • Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters
  • Indicators / transmitters
  • Remote monitoring and data loggers
  • NSF approved meters
  • High pressure meters
  • High temperature
  • Flow Rate & Total Monitoring
  • Pump Pacing
  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Discharge Monitoring
  • Batch Control

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