Positive Displacement and Centrifugal Pumps

If your task is to move a tough liquid from A to B you need to consider the right pumps and valves - asking the right questions first is only the start. Having the experience and correct products to draw from is what you really need.

Drum and AODD Pumps

Are you lifting thin and viscous fluids out of sumps, totes or drums? Suction is the most taxing part of lifting product up and out and can be too much for a positive displacement pump, especially as you get into higher viscosities. The Standard Pump diaphragm pump eliminates stalling and requires no lubrication. The Standard Pump line of both sanitary and industrial diaphragm and drum pumps can transfer a range of liquids from corrosive chemicals to food product. All their products adhere to stringent safety guidelines set by agencies such as Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), CSA, 3A and the FDA.

iMAG 4700 Flow Meter

Selecting a Seametrics flanged full-bore mag flow meter gives you plenty of options at a low cost. Choose from pulse and /or analog output, and even Modbus. This meter features IP68 protection and has NSF61 rating. Sized for use with 3” through 12” diameter piping, the display units of measure can also be field adjusted.

Controllers and Dosing Pumps

Our Walchem line of single and multi-variable controllers and dosing pumps will allow you to customize your analytical and control equipment to meet your budget and your specific requirements.

AG 3000

You can now access the full line of Seametrics flow meters and accessories through Jadler for your industrial as well as agricultural, irrigation and greenhouse needs.